Meet our Local Designers

Porcelain, textile creations, jewelry, perfumes, ready-to-wear clothing, and more – Come visit our store and discover the talent of designers from Le Touquet and its surroundings.

How to find us

From Hauts-de-France…

Discover the beautiful pieces created by our designers from the Hauts-de-France region.

You can find here a selection of pieces created in the region by local designers, some of which are even Touquettois. This is a special mention to all those who, like us, can’t live without their dose of Le Touquet. Just like Celia, who has continued to keep her family tradition alive since the creation of the seaside resort, this unique space invigorates their inspiration.

Skilled Designers

Our designers from Hauts-de-France offer a wide range of artworks that are sure to delight both specialists and amateurs.


What Makes our Local Designers Special

Our local designers offer diverse pieces of high-quality and originality.