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Our club is a blend of refined and original art pieces from artists in Russia and in our French region, Hauts-de France.


Valérie and Corinne welcome you from Friday to Monday: 10:30 13:00 / 14:00 19:30


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Our Exhibits

Learn more about the artwork designed by our club members that are exhibited in our shop. Let yourself be mesmerized by their expertise, their mastery, their talent and their attention to detail. You can also find information about all our events on our “News” page.

Créateurs d'ici

Designers from Hauts-de-France

Discover the talent of our local designers.

Créateurs de Russie

Designers from Russia

Découvrez nos créateurs russes multigénérationnel et leurs œuvres.



Keep up with our designers’ creative events and other events related to our club.

Our Concept Store


Le Touquet



•  a STORE that truly STANDS OUT;

•  a DESIGNERS’ CLUB that restores shopping’s original meaning.

At Le Touquet, people often invite each other to take walks along the beach or go shopping in the street St. Jean. Nowadays, a new popular meeting point is emerging: The Créateurs Club d'Ici et de Russie.

At Créateurs Club d'Ici et de Russie, we swear by the values of creativity, originality, exclusivity, quality, know-how, conviviality, culture, exchange and proximity.

Don’t wait any longer – Hurry to our store and discover its universe and the unique artworks it has to offer.

Our Store in Photos

Take a look at pictures of our concept store to get a preview of the store’s atmosphere and its exhibits.


The founder of Créateurs Club d'Ici et de Russie is “Beauvaisienne” by birth, “Muscovite” as per her residence, but “Touquettoise” at heart.

She fell in love with the town after spending multiple years in Russia (including the USSR) working in the French luxury industry and offering high-end business development services.

She first discovered Le Touquet when she visited the town for a thalassotherapy session during a winter in the 1990s. Since that day, she has always come back. At the beginning, she would visit once a year, then twice a year, then three times a year, and more often as time went by. She visited so often that she ended up buying a second home in the town, hoping she could one day make it her main residence.

The idea that started Créateurs Club d'Ici et de Russie sprouted from an observation – that of the existent commercial supply and its intricacy. These elements gave her the inspiration to develop a concept store that would marry her origins and the region with which she fell in love.

After meeting local designers and hearing how difficult it was for them to settle down in Le Touquet, the founder suddenly realized what would fix the issue: “You must join forces!”

This is when she began to think about creating a designers’ club. Unfortunately, this idea remained simply theoretical for quite a while until she was able to find a suitable space.

She finally took the leap once she found 43 rue Saint Louis.

The main idea is to help our online society remember the joys of offline shopping.

In a time where online shopping prevails, the club’s founder wants to restore the importance and prestige of brick-and-mortar stores. She wishes to create a comfortable and inviting space; a space dedicated to the pleasure of watching, touching, sitting, and even chatting with a cup of tea.

This concept store is the fruit of a desire to gather people around the talent of designers from the Hauts-de-France region and Russia; the ambition to offer original gift ideas and, above all, to support responsible creativity and know-how, far from multinationals and their mass-production.


The Créateurs Club d'Ici et de Russie stays lively and dynamic by:

  • Regularly offering new artwork created by each designer;
  • Welcoming new designers;
  • Opening pop-up stores and inviting designers;
  • Organizing activities and workshops led by designers; ands
  • Holding events, parties, and even private events for clubs, organizations or private individuals.

We are also always open to new ideas, so please do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions!

Come meet the Créateurs Club d'Ici et de Russie at Le Touquet.

Keep up with our news and updates on our participation in cultural events held at Le Touquet.


What Makes our Club Special

We offer unique products and artworks that can’t be found anywhere else.

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