Artwork of Russian Designers in Le Touquet

Watches, perfumes and cosmetics, apparel, jewelry, and more – Come and discover the pieces “Made in Russia” by the designers of the Créateurs Club d'Ici et de Russie.

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… and from Russia

Discover pieces created by Russian artists. Our store is home to timeless pieces such as St. Petersburg’s imperial porcelain and Raketa, which have lived through generations – from Russia’s turbulent past to today’s young Millennials. Some, like Omut and Mirstores, were born into the generation Y, didn’t see the Berlin wall fall and have thus never know the Soviet Era.

The Two Historic Giants

It’s not surprising that they are both from St. Petersburg; the old capital that put creativity forward.

Les deux amies

The two expats

The Two “Youngsters”:

Both extremely talented and growing in very different universes.

What Makes our Russian Designers Special

Dive into a new culture and artistic universe that is far from what we are used to in France. These unique pieces, that are available in our store in Le Touquet, open the doors to new discoveries and exciting cultural exchanges. Come visit us to fully experience the world of Tolstoy, Lenin, and the tsars.

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